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1. The 1848/49 revolutions affected:
the whole of the Italian peninsula
only certain cities
only rural areas
2. Which pre-unification state took the initiative for the national war?
The Papacy
The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
The Kingdom of Sardinia
3. During the course of the Italian ’48 a republican constitution was promulgated in:

Questions of synthesis

1. This picture shows one of the final stages of the Venetian Republic's stand to hold off the Austrian assault. Using the information you have acquired write a short discursive essay giving a reconstruction of the '48/'49 Republic. In it you should outline what brought the city to rise up against the occupiers and hold out so “heroically”, who the protagonists of the revolution were and which components of society joined the struggle.
A mine explodes on San Giuliano Island Click image to enlarge
Source: Luigi Querena, A mine explodes on San Giuliano Island, 1849.