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1. Tick the correct answer:
1. Gustave Flaubert wrote:
Les Miserables.
Les Fleurs du Mal.
Sentimental Education.
2. The Second Republic
gave the right to vote to women.
abolished slavery in French colonies.
declared war to Germany.
3. This country witnessed the actions of an important revolutionary movement in 1848:

Synthesis question

1. Write an assessment of the revolutionary movements of 1848 in Europe with the help of the documentary record.

Some answers

  • In Paris, the Revolution of 1848 opened the prospect of a democratic and social Republic: universal suffrage, recognition of the right to work, abolition of slavery in the colonies...
  • The “Spring of Nations” undermines the authoritarian order of the “Europe of Princes”
  • The triumph of political reaction and the failure of revolutions do not put an end to national aspirations and social conflicts in Europe transformed by industrialization and urbanization.