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3. Burgplatz: Transformation of traffic conveyance und infrastructure 1910 (upper picture) and 1975 (lower picture)

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Source: State capital Düsseldorf (Ed.) (1977): Düsseldorf – a changing city, Düsseldorf, p. 107.


Burgplatz is a central place in the old part of the town. Before WWII it was a junction of a number of tramlines. After WWII the tracks were removed. Nowadays it is a traffic-free zone.


  1. Compare the two pictures.
  2. Name the reasons for the individualization of traffic.

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  1. Public transportation vs. individual traffic; the place is no longer attractive for salesmen; car-friendly access to the city.
  2. The economic growth after WWII; up the 1980s almost no environmental consciousness.