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1. The main World areas with almost half of International migration flows are:
Central and Northen Europe
USA and Canada
China and Japan
Europe and North America
2. The UNHCR represents:
A Red Cross Agency for migrants
A UE Agency for the refugees
A ONU Agency for the refugees
A NATO’Agency for the illegals
3. A migration extent ranking is to quantify:
The average age of migrant population
The numerical extent of migrants
Regular migrants, apart from illegal ones
Male migrants, apart from female ones
4. The largest foreign community in Italy is :
5. The year when Italy first exceeded the European average of the foreigners incidence on the native population was:
6. Who did enstablish the “International Migrant Day” and when is it celebrated?
It was enstablished by ONU, it is celebrated on 25th of December
It was enstablished by ONU, it is celebrated on 18th of December
It was enstablished by CARITAS, it is celebrated on the 1st of December
It was enstablished by CARITAS, it is celebrated on 8th of December

Questions of synthesis

1. Referring to Europe as the “painted continent” Umberto Eco has been teasing his readers by claiming: “if you like it this way, so it will be. If you don’t, so it will be all the same”. Explain in a fourty-line short essay why Europe and Italy are entically becoming “painted”. Explain also what is your opinion about this statement (cfr. Content 5).
2. Since the great geographical discoveries, up to the late 19th - early 20th Century, the major migrations saw the world peripheries, Colonies, as main destinations. But then traditional routes changed their course and contemporary migrations assumed likeness of global phenomenon. Describe the main reasons causing a migration today, the main areas and the main side problems.

Questions of synthesis

Paper 1

  1. Short presentation of the book by Umberto Eco including this exerpt
  2. I Migrations across Mediterranean area and southern-northen direction
  3. The numbers of italian and european migrations.
  4. Which are the groups moving towards Italy? Where are they mainly rooting?
  5. “Arlecchino’s blanket” Italy
  6. Is this a unstoppable process?

Paper 2

  1. Discoveries and colonial conquest
  2. Main attractive areas today and the “global migratory disorder”
  3. Migrants, illegals, refugees: they move for different reasons
  4. Mass and penetration migration
  5. Job problems and search for better life conditions
  6. Migratory mourning: integration difficulties and the questions of immigrants rights.