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2. Business/industrial enterprises in Düsseldorf in 1922

Business/industrial enterprises in Düsseldorf in 1922 Click image to enlarge
Source: Map of the Düsseldorf City Archive.


Until 1922 the urban areas were developed as a result of incorporations and the number of industrial enterprises increased by about 75%. There were 324 enterprises. 165 of them in the iron and steel industry, which is important from the perspective of air pollution. The number of paint, chemical and brick industries grew as well, the number of transport facilities doubled.

Moreover, the sites were used for other purposes than originally intended. For example in Rath the building of a machine factory, built in 1902, was used by the textile industry in 1922.


  1. What industrial enterprises can you find in Düsseldorf?
  2. Which areas are most industrialized?
  3. What changed between 1902 and 1922?

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  • Iron and steel industry, paper, wood, glass, transport facilities, brick and cement industry, public utility companies, electricity stations, transport or paper enterprises and others.
  • Along the radial roads of the old town, mainly in the east and southeast.
  • Many more industrial enterprises and new ones (e.g. glass), settlement in former industrial areas and the improvement of infrastructure (railroad lines, streets...).