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1. Stereotypes are:
Pictures wrongly reproducing people or environments.
Ideas which are correct but non-conformist and are therefore not treated as valid by most people.
Biased and commonly widespread ideas.
2. After Italy Unification, the regions with the highest migration charts were:
Veneto – Friuli – Piemonte.
Lazio e Toscana.
Sicilia – Calabria – Campania.
3. Most Italians moving overseas in the early nineteenth century:
Had some geographical information about their destination.
Had no idea of their destination.
As to their destination, only knew the financial situation.
4. Sacco and Vanzetti were:
Two Italo-American gangsters living in New York during the 1920s.
Two popular movie actors playing the main characters in a movie based on a robbery in Wall Street.
Two anarchists who moved from Italy to the USA, were charged with murder and sentenced of death.

Questions of synthesis

1. Write a 50-line paper on “Bias against immigrants” and point to the origins of negative stereotypes like those related to ignorance and poverty. Your presentation must include clear references to the previously discussed sources and excerpts.
2. Write a 40-line paper focusing on deportation and attraction factors that made so many Italians move to another country between the late eighteenth and the early nineteenth centuries.