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1. Tick the right answer (several answers possible):
1. Photographs published in the newspapers during WW1:
were all controlled by the French military censorship.
were obtained from different sources, private and military ones.
were only made by press photographers or newspapers special correspondents.
were strictly controlled by the Bureau de la presse.

2. Photographs published in the newspapers during WW1:
were all falsified for the purpose of propaganda.
were realistic testimonies of the war conditions, even if they were touched up or cropped.
never really showed the fighting action.

3. Technical restraints in photography during WW1:
compelled the photographers to pose all the views.
allowed snapshots.
led sometimes to fix up the pose and modify the printing.

Synthesis question

1. With the help of photographs, write an illustrated report on the war on the West Front in the summer 1915.
2. With the help of the same photographs, write an article on the presentation of war in newspapers such as Le Miroir.

Questions of synthesis

See Presentation and Historical context and analysis to find help in writing.