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2. Pamphlets

1914. Primer panfleto aleman que cayó en Inglaterra en 1914. 1918. Panfleto británico 21X27cm. Hell skull drinking german soldiers. 1918. Panfleto británico. Die erste Million. 1918. Panfleto británico. 100.000 ejemplares. 1918. Carta de prisionero de guerra. Panfleto inglés. 1918. Panfleto británico. 1918. Panfleto británico. Schillers poem. 1918. Panfleto inglés. 1918. Panfleto inglés. The turkish forces in Palestine have been compelled to run away. 1918. Panfleto inglés 2. Panfleto británico para las tropas alemanas 1918.21X27cm.<br/>Fuente: psywar.org Panfleto francés para las tropas alemanas. 9 enero 1916. 21X27cm. Propaganda americana.


Other materials used in the World War I propaganda were pamphlets. They were created with a very specific target, to undermine the contrary´s morale and to destabilize the enemy through false welfare promises if they changed sides, false news about the real war status, etc. This was due to the inability of both sides to defeat the other, thus all the countries involved in the war decided it was advisable to try to discourage the opponent by all means so that they would desert in order to take a little advantage in the battlefield. Therefore, pamphlets made up a clear example of mass manipulation through false news to get a specific goal, in this particular case, to win the war.


  1. What specific goal did pamphlets pursue?
  2. Was all the information appeared in pamphlets true?
  3. Did pamphlets manipulate reality?

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Description and Analysis

  1. To destabilize the enemy so that they would desert believing what was written on them.
  2. No, they manipulate reality.
  3. Yes, in fact it was their main goal.