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1. Tick the right answer:
1. The center of Rome ...
is entirely devoted to the reception of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world.
became industrialized in the space vacated by the ancient ruins.
brings together tourism, administrative and political trades of a capital.

2. The urban area of Rome ...
has developed unevenly and heterogeneous in all directions.
developed mainly along the lines of railways.
developed in roughly the same space as ancient Roma.

3. In Roma, transportation ...
is done primarily with motorcars.
is mainly by the Metropolitan in the peripheral neighborhoods.
mainly uses navigation on the Tiber (Tevere).

2. Which statement is false :
In Roma, public housing ...
has developed mainly in the eastern half of the city.
occupies less and less surface and is increasingly far from the center.
often holds old buildings downtown.

Synthesis question

1. Write a summary of a few lines to show both that Rome is a quite unique city and what the study tells us about the problems of the major cities of Europe.