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I. The Background: The Separation of South Tyrol from Austria and the Inter-War Years

1. In which language were the students taught in the secret schools (catacomb schools)?
In Italian.
In German.
In French.

II. The South Tyrol Option Agreement as an example of Forced Migration in the 20th Century

2. At the time of the Option Agreement, South Tyroleans had to decide on
Resettling in South Tyrol.
Resettling in the German Reich.
Entering the 2nd World War.
3. The majority of South Tyroleans
Voted for emigration.
Voted to stay in their homeland.
Did not vote at all.

III. South Tyrol after 1945

4. Why are the political borders between the areas of historical Tyrol (North and South) disappearing more and more today?
Both countries are in the EU and Schengen Area.
Italy has abolished visa requirements.
Austria has tightened entry rules.