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1. In which year did Vienna experience a population peak?
around 1850
around 1890
around 1910
2. Why did Vienna receive an influx of foreign immigrants over the course of the 19th century?
because new roads were built
because of the construction of the railway lines
because of the large German-speaking proportion of the population
3. Around 1890, how much of the entire population was made up with what we would today call people with a migration background?


  1. The number of people living in Vienna has begun to rise again since 1980. Just like in the 19th century, many people from other countries are coming to us.
    1. What has changed with regards to the immigrants‘ countries of origin compared to those in the past?
    2. Are the motives for migration to Vienna the same as before?

Questions of synthesis

    1. Recently many immigrants have come from Eastern European countries where unemployment levels are high. Many people from countries in North Africa and the Middle East even try to find work in Austria. People who are persecuted for religious or political reasons come to Austria as refugees.
    2. Just like in the past, many people come to Austria because of economic reasons. They hope to find employment and improve their living conditions.