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3. Cartoons

Viñeta alemana. The mistress of the seas. Viñeta británica 1. Viñeta británica 2. Viñeta británica 3. Some promise! Viñeta EEUU 1. Germany under all. Viñeta EEUU 2.<br/>Fuente: American (New York) Marzo 1915 Viñeta EEUU 3. This latest submarine victim may be the last. Viñeta EEUU 4.


Despite the tragedy of war most countries tried to boost their troop´s morale and above all that of their population through cartoons- published in the press- where the enemy was held to ridicule and their clichés or faults were exaggerated. The aim which was pursued with these drawings was the same as the one pursued with posters and pamphlets: to disguise a tragic reality and try to avoid the inhabitants feel hopeless and panic could spread among them. Most of these cartoons were published in the press of the moment, that´s why they were directed mainly to civilian population, because newspapers hardly reached the war frontline.


  1. What specific goal did cartoons pursued?
  2. Who were the cartoons mainly directed to?
  3. Where were most of the cartoons published?
  4. Did these cartoons reach the war frontline?

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Description and Analysis

  1. To scoff at the enemy and hide the tragedy that was being lived.
  2. To the population which was the only one with access to the newspapers.
  3. In the newspapers.
  4. Most of them couldn´t because newspapers hardly reached the war frontline.