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Curricular level

  • History and geography classes. Topics: „political and economic education“ (secondary level I). „economy and work“, „environmental challenges for politics and economy“, „production – technical advancement – structural changes“ and „environmental challenges / relationship between economy and environment.“
  • Politics, society and economy in Germany after 1950, i.e. after WWII
  • Life in the emerging industrial society of the 19th century. Deutschland


After WWII, Düsseldorf was mostly destroyed. The reorganization of the city after WWII followed – at least partly – plans that originated in the Third Reich, aiming at a car-friendly city. The economic development and the individualization of traffic required a new traffic concept.

  1. Broadening the roads and easier access to the city thanks to north-south and east-west axes.
  2. The increasing individualization of traffic leads to the increased traffic volume. At the same time, the local public transport was developed.
  3. Dismantling the industrial areas in the city.

Conceptual Objectives

  • The pupils interpret diverse contents with the use of different pictures.
  • The pupils understand the changes between the times before and after WWII.
  • The pupils recognize the different times the pictures were taken and discuss the changes.
  • The pupils understand the increasing individualization of traffic.
  • The pupils learn how to deal with historical pictures.
  • They combine the materials together and find solutions independently.
  • They understand the scale of the destruction of WWII and its influence on the planning of the city.
  • They learn about the changes in the (public) transport.
  • They think about their own environment.

Methodological Objectives and Skills

Suggestion of Activities

Suggestion of Evaluation

Further Information and Interdisciplinarity